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Items to bring with you include:

  • Bible

  • Rosary

  • Prayer book, plus notepaper and pen

  • Bedding (a pillow, sleeping bag or blankets & sheets

  • Toilet Articles, incl. towel and washcloth

  • Flashlight

  • Personal snacks and refreshments (optional)

  • Ear plugs


The camp turn is 3 miles from Highway 95.  It is found by turning east on Kidd Island Road from Highway 95.  You follow Kidd Island Road to Valhalla (right turn) and then follow the signs marking the Lutherhaven Road turn on the right.

Google Map: 

3258 W Lutherhaven Rd, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Map of the camp:


The agenda for the weekend will be available soon.

Other Details (subject to change):

There will be a meditation room available in the Meeting Center (the Chapel) and there are abundant hiking trails which are ideal for private meditation.  Eucharist will be celebrated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and there will be individual Reconciliation available for everyone, with many Priests available on Friday afternoon . Please quiet your cellphone; try to hear God’s voice on this retreat.

There will be coffee and water available at the group sessions. You will be provided an agenda when you arrive. The telephone number for the camp is 208-667-3459; however the phone is generally unattended but does have a message recorder. Cell service is a little sketchy at camp depending on your service provider. Wi-Fi is not available to attendees.

The planning committee and both speakers are extremely excited about our retreat and we ask that you and your family pray for the success of the weekend. The planning committee expects this year’s retreat will be one of our most successful ever. We expect to have about 150  men attending, for which we feel fully blessed.  We can easily accommodate up to 200 men, so please invite a friend to sign up.

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