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How is your life’s journey going?  Has it occurred to you that you are already living in eternity since the day you were born?  Being on retreat creates an environment where I can have a close encounter with the One with whom I will eventually spend eternity. 

As we all have learned, life is difficult and full of challenges.  My Catholic faith has been a firm foundation to weather the challenges and storms of life. A prayer life, mass attendance and receiving the sacraments (especially confession monthly) support me to keep my heavenly goal.  I have discovered that a change in environment takes me away from the daily grind and allows me to take time to just focus on my spiritual life. I am able to talk to other men, open my ears and heart to God speaking to me, and spend quiet time in adoration.

Come and join me and fellow like-minded Catholic men!  Get to know your Creator better and find spiritual renewal in your life journey.  I’ve been attending for about 15 years.

Max Nuxoll

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